My family and I have only recently moved to Tennessee. I was offered a promotion through my job if we relocated to the Antioch area, so here we are! Right now we are staying with some family friends, but that is less than ideal.

It’s something of an imposition on the friends given that they’ve opened their home to a couple with a small baby. They gave us the use of their guest room and access to their kitchen, but it’s not a lot of space for the three of us. We definitely need to hurry up and find our own place.

The sooner we can get our own place, the sooner we will really start to feel like a family. Living in someone else’s house makes me feel like a teenager again, like I’ve had to move back home with my parents. The people we are staying with don’t try to set rules on us or anything, but we still have to be careful about when we come and go and how much noise we make.

Even with this promotion, I still need to find a relatively low-rent place. My wife stays howe with the baby, so it’s just my income right now. A new baby comes with lots of expenses, too. While I’m happy to have my son, he wasn’t planned and we didn’t have anything saved up for the costs.

I’m not sure where to start looking for Antioch TN apartments for rent. I think the first thing we’ll do is just drive around some of the neighborhoods that look nice and see if we can find any “for rent” signs. That’s always been a way for me to find good places to rent from small landlords who won’t always advertise.

I also like to look in the classifieds online and in the paper. It’s a low-cost way for the landlord to advertise their vacancies, which means I am more likely to find cheaper apartments. Big, flashy advertisements cost money and aren’t a good investment for a small landlord.

I figure I can ask my coworkers if they know of anyone who knows of any Antioch TN apartments for rent, or even home shares and mother-in-law suites. We don’t have to have a whole house or apartment to ourselves; we just need a bedroom for us and a room for the baby. Maybe someone will have a vacation home or something similar that they aren’t using right now that they’ll let us rent until we can find something more permanent.

Maybe someone will have a basement or an attic space we can rent. Like I said before, I don’t need a whole lot of room, just a space separate from us where the baby can sleep. It’s hard enough as parents having a new baby; not having any space to ourselves makes it even harder.

Hopefully we can find something soon. While the friends we are staying with have been very nice about it, it’s nothing like having our own place.